Southwest Virginia Portrait Photographers

Spring is here in Southwest Virginia! The trees are starting to bud out their tender green leaves and wildflowers are blooming.  A couple of weeks ago we agreed to meet up with our good friends Chad and Amanda Elkins with Amanda & Chad Photography for some friend time and to practice some new things we have been learning through the KJ Lighting Course.

Like many other professions (Rebecca can relate to this. She is an X-Ray Tech and has to do CEU’s to keep her licence) continuing education is an important part of being a photographer. Staying up to date on the newest equipment, learning tricks to make editing easier and of course trying to master “LIGHT” to name a few areas we are constantly trying to improve.

When we started talking about days, Dale and I suggested we meet here on our farm and would contact one of our clients to be our models. As luck would have it Cody and Lindse were free. These two have been such a blessing to us and are so much fun to be around. God sure has blessed us with some great couples!

Thank you Lindse and Cody for spending the evening with us!


Dale and Rebecca


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